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Umbrellas always come in handy during a rainy season, but it is definitely difficult of keeping track of them, especially when you visit stores and get them lost amongst the sea of other umbrellas. Well you will no longer have to worry about that happening to you once you create logo golf umbrellas with us! There is no minimum so you can create just one for yourself or many for your corporate event.

We have two distinct umbrellas offered under our shop, and these are small umbrellas as well as custom golf umbrellas. We ensure that the umbrellas that we use for our product are of the highest level of quality. An example of this would be our foldable umbrellas by Big Accessories. The umbrella itself comes in three beautiful block colors of black, red and navy, and makes a great travel accessory. Our small umbrella or parasol comes with a small cover to protect it from contact with other objects in your handbag or car booth. The material that is used to provide the waterproof context of the umbrella is pure nylon.

Once you have made up your mind on the choice of umbrella to use for personalization, you will find that there are a few ways for you to go about in customization itself. You could opt to add a image of your own to the umbrella. All you have to do is upload the image you desire on our umbrella designer, and place it either in the centre of the umbrella, or centre it horizontally. Our umbrella and parasols application is able handle photo file sizes which are up to ten megabytes. Do however ensure that the image of which you intend to you is yours exclusively. If it is not your own, we would highly recommend that you obtain the necessary approval from its owner prior to you making use of the image itself.

You can also design your own umbrella with customized texts. We have more than ten font types for you to choose from, and these include awesome fonts like Data Seventy, Halloween, Jellybaby and Caecilia. Have fun while you flip the phrase you would like to use horizontally or vertically across the umbrella creator. You can also have the text appear in bold, italics or a combination of both.

There are a number of prints on our list which you could choose to bring out the best in terms of color or texture of your graphic designs. The four prints that we offer you are digital prints, flex prints, flock prints and special flex prints. All of our prints have high durability, and they do not discolor or fade away easily. The prints which you choose may require a singular or up to three color selections from you for each design that you wish to use. 


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